Inserts an image into the Word document.


Element definition

You may use this element to insert images (jpg, gif, png or bmp) into your Word document.

You may easily control:

  • the embedding and positioning of the image within a complex paragraph,
  • the size (if not explicitely given, xmldocx tries to read the width and height from the image headers),
  • the dpi or dots per inch (by default they are taken from the image headers or set to 96 dpi),
  • the scale (default 100%) and
  • the target: main document (default), headers or footers.

If one wishes to insert an image within a complex paragraph or a table one should use this element in combination with the addText or the addTable element.

Attributes and sub-elements


key Description
src Path to the image that we want to insert into the Word document
borderColor Hexadecimal color: FF0000
borderStyle Possible values are:
  • solid
  • dot
  • dash
  • lgDash
  • dashDot
  • lgDashDot
  • lgDashDotDot
  • sysDash
  • sysDot
  • sysDashDot
  • sysDashDotDot
borderWidth Given in emus (1cm = 360000 emus).
descr Custom descr value.
dpi Dots per inch.
float (left, right, center) floating image. It only applies if textWrap is not inline (default value).
height Image height in pixels
horizontalOffset Given in emus (1cm = 360000 emus). Only applies if there is the image is not floating.
hyperlink Image link.
imageAlign Image aligment: right, center...
imageCaption Image caption options
relativeToHorizontal margin (default), page, column, character, leftMargin, rightMargin, insideMargin, outsideMargin. Not compatible with inline text wrapping
relativeToVertical margin, page, line (default), paragraph, topMargin, bottomMargin, insideMargin, outsideMargin. Not compatible with inline text wrapping
scaling % of size: 50, 100
spacingTop Spacing top in pixels
spacingBottom Spacing bottom in pixels
spacingLeft Spacing left in pixels
spacingRight Spacing right in pixels
target document (default value), defaultHeader, firstHeader, evenHeader, defaultFooter, firstFooter, evenFooter, comment, endnote or footnote. One should use this parameter in conjunction with the "rawWordML" option to later insert the image in a header or footer.
textWrap Text wrap:
  • 0 (inline)
  • 1 (square)
  • 2 (front)
  • 3 (back)
  • 4 (top and bottom)
  • 5 (clear)
verticalOffset Given in emus (1cm = 360000 emus)
width Image width in pixels
Code samples
#Example 1




The resulting Word document looks like: