Adds custom page borders to the current Word document.


Element definition

This element allows you to insert page borders into the Word document.

Attributes and sub-elements
key Description
  • allPages (displays page border on all pages: default value),
  • firstPage (displays page border on first page),
  • notFirstPage (displays page border on all pages except first).
color Border hexadecimal color ('000000' (default), 'FF0000', ...)
offsetFrom Possible values are: 'page' or 'text'
space Border spacing in points (default is 24)
style Border. It can be none, single (default), double, ... See, for example, http://www.schemacentral.com/sc/ooxml/t-w_ST_Border.html for a complete list of border available styles
width Page border width in eigths of a point (default value is 4)
zOrder Sets the z-index of the border
Code samples
#Example 1




The resulting Word document looks like: