Frequently Asked Questions

Technical, commercial and general information

Technical questions

  • What are the main prerequisites to install xmldocx?

    Xmldocx allows to easily create DOCX documents by XML files with any programming language.

    Internally, xmldocx runs PHP to generate the documents. However, it is not necessary to know either php programming or php files modification.

    The only requisite for using xmldocx is to execute PHP in CLI mode. To do so, it is enough to install PHP and to add the main php executable as a system command. It is not necessary to install neither Apache nor any other web server.

  • Can I install xmldocx on my server myself?

    Yes, of course you can, although you need some basic technical knowledge. We also offer the option to install xmldocx for you at a very reasonable price.

  • Is it mandatory to connect xmldocx to the Internet?

    Although for the majority of scenarios you would need to connect your server to the Internet, this is not a prerequisite and you may use xmldocx in, for example, a LAN.

  • Do I need the help of developers to integrate xmldocx in my website?

    Integrating the web forms into your website is as simple as copying a little snippet of code that is automatically generated in the xmldocx backend.

    If you have ever inserted a Google map or YouTube video in your web you already know everything you need. If you are not familiar with this kind of procedure you may find a very simple step by step tutorial in our documentation section.

  • How can I learn to use xmldocx?

    You have complete information about how to use xmldocx in the Documentation section of this website.

    We also offer remote training by specialized personnel in case you desire personalized guidance through the process.

  • Can I get technical support?

    Yes. You may receive technical support at very competitive prices.

  • Can my developers modify the source code of xmldocx?

    xmldocx is built around Open Source technologies, so anyone can modify the code inside as long as it is nor redistributed. Nevertheless, you should take into account that modifications of the core that are not "xmldocx Certified" may complicate considerably external technical support.

  • I would like to add some special features to xmldocx

    No problem: Contact us through our contact form and outline your specific needs. Our expert developers can help you to further customize your version of xmldocx.

  • Are updates free?

    xmldocx is continuously evolving. The upgrades to minor versions that basically fix minor bugs are free. Upgrading to major versions that will include substantial enhancements to the library will be available for a fee.