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xmldocx v12 release notes

  • 11 / 10 / 2021

We are happy to announce xmldocx 12, the new major version of the library.

xmldocx 12 means a huge step forward in its history, as it includes more than 40 new features and enhancements, designed to boost your business workforce.

As always, users can download the new package by choosing the license(s) they want at Pricing. Users with a valid LUS (License Update Service) may get it at no cost at MY XMLDOCX. Users with previous versions can get the latest one by going to the same page and clicking UPGRADE TO.

This is the complete list of xmldocx 12 new features:

  • MS Word 2021 support.
  • New HTML API: more than 90 new supported tags, attributes and styles.
  • PHP 8 support.
  • New option in mergeDocx to rename styles of the DOCX documents to be merged: renameStyles (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Removed phpseclib to sign documents using SignDOCX, SignXLSX and SignPPTX. OpenSSL functions from PHP are now used to increase PEM formats compatibility. (Premium licenses).
  • Improved working with East Asian fonts with the addText method.
  • Improved mergeDocx when working with embedded images in shapes, SVG images, numbering styles applied to custom styles, multiple altChunk tag, hyperlinks in images tags with the same ID, external charts (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • HTML to DOCX: no direction style is set as default, added a descr default value when adding base64 images to avoid a PHP warning with PHP 8, improved parseAnchors options when the anchor tag is not added in a paragraph, float casting to sizes to avoid a warning when using PHP 8 and not valid values.
  • DOCX documents without a section tag are automatically fixed.
  • importListStyle and importStyles methods support importing linked numbering styles.
  • New bookmarkName option added to captions in addImage and addTable methods to set a custom name to the caption bookmark.
  • DOCXCustomizer: added strike, dstrike and vanish support (Premium licenses).
  • Handle autonumeric id by the style name when adding captions: Caption, Figure, Table...
  • Bookmarks wrap the full content of the caption when adding a caption (image or table).
  • importStyles generates a random name value when importing a custom paragraph style with a numbering style.
  • New descr option in addImage to set a custom descr value instead of the image path.
  • Uppercase DOCX extension can be used in the whole library.
  • Added to the internal base template the w15 namespace in the numbering XML file.
  • watermarkRemove uses DOCXStructure to read and save documents (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • CSS Extended: apply phpdocx styles from custom CSS, use font-face style to embed TTF fonts (Premium licenses).
  • Supported ${ } to wrap placeholders in templates.
  • HTML to DOCX: SVG support to add images as URL, base64 and using svg tags (ImageMagick PHP extension is needed).
  • HTML Extended: allows using HTML Extended block contents embedded in other tags, added new tag to insert online videos, transform HTML tabs (	 instead of  ) (Premium licenses).
  • Added support for overriding styles in level lists with mergeDocx (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • HTML to DOCX: MathML equations can be embedded and converted in the HTML when using embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML (Premium licenses).
  • HTML to DOCX: changed the order of \n and \r\n when using the removeLineBreaks option.
  • HTML to DOCX: set 9999999999 as default wrap value when using Tidy to prevent Tidy versions not working correctly with 0 value to avoid extra blank spaces.
  • HTML to DOCX: lists with and without custom list styles can be added at the same time when setting customListStyles as true.
  • HTML to DOCX: DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX sets as default rStyle when generating links.
  • Limited numId values in lists to 32767 to prevent a bug of some DOCX readers if the value is higher.
  • addLink includes rStyle option to apply a custom style to the hyperlink (DefaultParagraphFontPHPDOCX is set as default).
  • Added an extra check to get the correct image type when working with image streams.
  • The createListStyle method includes suff option to set level suffix: tab, space or nothing.
  • Limited the max values of numId attributes used in lists.
  • All PDF methods now include a new option to import and keep existing annotations (links, comments and others) (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • addMathEquation now supports setting bold, color, italic and font size styles.
  • HTML to DOCX cleans gridCol 0 values, tables with not all widths set can be used.
  • HTML to DOCX: new option, cssEntityDecode, to use html_entity_decode to parse CSS, useful for font families with non-ASCII names.
  • HTML to DOCX allows applying custom list styles to ol tags.
  • Theme charts with addChart new options: theme legends (bold, italic, size, underline), grid lines (cap type, color, dash type, width) in charts using addChart (Premium licenses only).
  • Footer support when adding watermarks with watermarkDocx (Advanced and Premium licenses only).